Etsy Deleted My Store

Posted by Toby Hilliard on

I started selling vintage after being a weird homeless traveler type. For 6 years I worked almost every single day on building a business. I made almost 13,000 sales and had an inventory of over 3000 vintage items listed on my Etsy site.

Over the years, every once in a while I would get a notice of a lame ass corporation claiming some type of copyright infringement. They would always be ridiculous claims such as WWE saying they were going to sue me for copyright infringement because I was selling a vintage wrestling magazine. Or another one where Chuck Norris' lawyer made a similar claim because I used the phrase "Chuck Norris Style Action Movie" to describe a shitty 80s action movie I was selling on VHS. 

I never took the claims very seriously. I actually wrote back Chuck Norris' lawyer and told him instead of going to court I wanted to fight him. I didn't get a response from him or any other lawyer I would reply to and question what I did that was wrong. What I would do each time is also email Etsy back and ask them if they were serious about the warnings they were giving me because all of the claims against me were absurd. Etsy would never respond either.

A couple days ago I woke up to do my daily routine of taking pictures of stuff to list on the website and my entire etsy store was gone. After being confused for a little bit I checked my email. Etsy sent me an email saying they deleted my store for repeated copyright infringement claims.

The most recent one and the final straw was from Warner Brothers Records claiming that me cutting the sleeves off of a grateful dead shirt and turning it into a tank top is copyright infringement. On Etsy that is called "upcycling" and is common and applauded practice. There are also stores from Malaysia that sell hundreds of different straight bootleg t shirts but they are still up and running. 

The fact that Etsy could just delete every bit of my store with the click of a button without ever having a dialogue with me is absurd and leaning towards evil. They went corporate a few years ago and it has definitely been going down hill. Sales have decreased tremendously, fees increased and customer service became non existent. They don't even have a phone number you can call them at. 

So here I am having to start my life completely over. You can find a lot more shit on while I am trying to rebuild this website. Follow me on IG @elevatedweirdoempire so you can stay updated and shit. Thanks to everyone who bothered Etsy and were supportive in any way. I've been getting a lot of love and condolences and it's been nice. But if you really wanna help me out you can BUY MY SHIT!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, fuck Etsy forever.

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